Many people have asked me how I got into web design, and what it’s like starting my own business. I’m a creative person and have been looking for a long while for a job that would allow me to make a career doing something creative. I’ve explored the arts through the years, and even have a degree in Commercial Music. I love music, art, photography, design, and architecture, but the first website I ever made was for family and fun, and was flash-based. Because I didn’t know programming, Flash offered an interesting approach to design, but at this point, it was only an experiment. When put it live,  I remember arguing for it to be centered on the page, as I felt this was more appealing, when at the time, most web pages lay in the upper left of the page. I guess I was ahead of my time. Despite these early connections with mtstudios, I was busy getting a degree and raising my son, and didn’t pursue web design.

Starting out in Web Design

Wise By Design |Starting a web design studio - the first siteAfter getting my degree and leaving an unfulfilling career in teaching, I decided web design might be a way for me to follow my creative spirit and still build a career. When I finally started out in web design for mtstudios, software had moved on, Apple had gained massive popularity and Flash was in decline.

I used WordPress from the start. Why? Because I knew nothing about programming, and WordPress offered a unique way to create websites without needing to be a programmer. WordPress had been gaining popularity, becoming a standard within the web industry, and mtstudios wanted to try offering WordPress websites to clients who couldn’t afford bespoke website design services. Since WordPress lets you use pre-made templates, this was a way to cut costs, letting them offer cheaper websites, and this determined my role at mtstudios – I became the resident WordPress expert.

Over the years I’ve learned a few different languages like CSS, PHP, and Javascript, all to help me hone my skills as a WordPress developer and allow me to delve deeper into theme customisation.

Web Designer & Sole Trader

Chalkboard reads "Startup 2016"I left mtstudios in the summer of 2015 to take some time to pursue a few personal projects, but I kept running into old colleagues and friends who wanted websites, and found it difficult to know where to start or find someone they could trust with their project. As I was getting so many enqueries, I decided to officially start Wise by Design to do it properly, rather than as just a hobby.

My old employer mtstudios is still as successful as ever, but are picking their projects carefully as they are so busy. They pass me many of the leads they turn away due to time or budget, which has been a big help in the beginning of my new venture. I’ve just finished setting up business banking, talking to HMRC, getting some small advertising in place, and getting business cards made up. Now I have projects lined up and am ready to get to work. I’m looking forward to establishing myself within the local community as the local WordPress website guru.