Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does your web design service work?

    When you enquire after a new website, you will have either set up a meeting with me to take you through my quote form, or you will have already used my quote form online to get a web design quote. Once you’ve decided on what features your website will have, the quote form will give you an exact cost and will serve as our contract. If you change your mind about a feature, I can easily amend the contract to generate a new quote, serving as the new contract.

    After you pay a deposit (50% of the quote), you enter into my project queue. I give you an estimate of when I will begin work. I set up a shared document with guidelines to help you as you give me your content. You write the content and pass it on to me, where I edit as needed, unless you’ve opted for my copywriting / SEO services. I then look at your business, objectives, & competitors so I have a clear picture before I start. Once I know how to best reach your potential customers, I design you a beautiful, functional WordPress website catered to your budget and objectives. After this, I test your website rigorously, thoroughly checking it for usability, errors  and more.

    After the website has been designed to your specification and tested, I get in touch. I can either arrange an online session or a personal visit, where I edit a file on your preferred computer, which will allow you to view the website in your own time. Once you’re completely happy, your website goes live and you’re ready for business. I give you basic training in how to use your website.

    Once the website is live, I send you an invoice for the remainder of the price quoted. Any ongoing costs will be discussed with you before going ahead, but tend to include hosting, your domain (if purchased on your behalf), and email accounts. The first year’s hosting is included in the price. I also include a three-month warranty for your peace of mind.

  • How long will it take to make a website?

    When you pay your deposit, you secure your place in my queue of current projects. As a sole trader, I am currently a staff of one, so can only work on one project at a time. However, when you discuss your project with me, I give you a time-frame, hopefully within a date that works for you. Projects span from a few weeks to a few months, depending on how large the project is, such as how much content is being added, how much the site is being extended and customised.

    Out of professional courtesy, I work on projects as the deposits are paid and content is received, so at no point could you come to me and say you ‘urgently need a website as soon as possible’ and try to jump ahead of other projects. I may be from Texas, but I’ve been in England long enough to appreciate a good queue.

  • How much will it cost to make a website?

    My prices start at £275, with prices for a simple website averaging at around £600. Prices increase with complexity, but I aim to be transparent in my pricing. I will build you a quote to your exact specification, and the cost will only increase over the original price quoted if you decide to add a feature. I will never charge you more without you agreeing to the new price beforehand.

    To get a feel for what you can get for your money, check out my pricing pageget an exact quote now, or arrange a meeting where I’ll take you through the quote form.

  • Why are you so cheap?

    After receiving quotes from other competitors in Kent, you may realise my services seem to be considerably cheaper and are wondering why. There are several reasons why I offer my web design services at such good value. First, as a sole trader working from home with no staff, I have no overheads and can pass those savings directly to you. Secondly, I use WordPress to design websites, using pre-made templates and plugins rather than creating bespoke designs and coding, which can take much longer and cost much more.

    Does this mean your website will look like a template or look like everyone else’s? Absolutely not! I consider myself to be a designer first, with a keen eye for aesthetics. I take pride in every website I create and work to tailor the design to your audience, using your logo and business as inspiration. There are so many start-up businesses or struggling businesses in Kent who need a good website but don’t have a huge budget to work with, and those are the companies I’m aiming to serve.

  • Why are you so expensive?

    When you look at my pricing, all my costs are derived from how long each task will take. My base rate is £25 pounds per hour, which I believe is quite reasonable for a knowledge-based service in East Kent. I offer a high level of expertise in WordPress website design, with knowledge in how to best implement good search engine optimisation practices. Being a designer rather than a ‘coder’, WordPress allows me to take advantage of this.

    WordPress lets me create beautiful websites that hinge on excellent user experience, ensuring your audience sees your business in its best light. My copywriting skills are also excellent, and I help you get your message across clearly and succinctly. I offer a unique combination of skills which I think you’ll struggle to find elsewhere at this price level.

  • What other services do you offer?

    There are many other things I can do besides web design. I really am a jack of all (creative) trades:

    Copywriting Services
    SEO Writing & Forensics
    Social Media Branding
    Mailchimp Integration
    Creation of Printed Marketing Material
    Creation of Screencasts for Tutorials or Online Guides
    Corporate / Product Photography
    Extreme Photo Editing
    In-House Music / Audio Production
    Voice-Over Work

    I can create printable graphics for you, should you want to advertise. I can create profile and cover pictures for all your social media accounts. If you want to showcase software or demonstrate how something works online, I can create ‘screencasts’ (video presentations/tutorials recorded on the computer).

    I am a trained musician with an honours degree in Commercial Music, and can produce music and provide audio & voice-over work for your video needs with my own in-house recording studio. There is far less need for this service which is why I focus on web design.

    I am extremely proficient at Photoshop and can clean up, edit and fix issues with photos. For example, for a bed-and-breakfast website I built, the client needed their cat removed from the photo of the front room, where it sat on a stripey couch – I made the cat disappear. Do you have ten staff photos with someone blinking in each? I can edit it down to one photo, all members eyes-open.

    I also offer corporate and product photography, should you need photos of your premises, staff, or catalogue of products. All of my services are by the hour, and as to rates, I am flexible – nothing will be more than £25 per hour and I will do my best to work to your budget.

  • Can't I just build a WordPress website myself?

    You certainly can build a WordPress website yourself, as it is pretty straightforward to use. However, there are quite a few factors that can make the process difficult, like who to host with, how to optimise your website to be found on Google and other search engines, once set up, how to get your domain to point to the website, how to integrate social media, and many more questions that are difficult to answer for someone starting out. And you may not know the intricacies of customising a theme to look good with your logo or know how to choose appropriate stock photography.

    As a designer, I  bring a professional touch to your website, making sure you are sending the right message to your clients. I write great copy that pulls people in, and I can optimise your web pages with SEO best practices to help them be seen by search engines. I know a lot about WordPress, so you can rest easy.

    To draw a really simple analogy, I could choose to do my plumbing myself to save money, but I use a professional because they will know the ins and outs of their industry. They will know the intricacies of plumbing and what to do if it all goes wrong. I choose not to fix the plumbing myself. For me, the time and effort in fixing it myself is not worth the price it costs for a professional to do it.

    When building your website, it needs to be the best possible iteration of what it can be, to show your clients what you do in a clear manner and to win them over. If you have a little design skill and some time, you can certainly make a good stab at creating your own WordPress website. I offer my skills as an expert in WordPress for people who don’t have the time, inclination or skill to do it themselves. I believe I offer excellent value, (and am definitely cheaper than a plumber).

  • What is 'hosting'?

    Your website needs to live somewhere. It can’t live on your PC – customers wouldn’t be able to access the website when you turn your PC off.  A web hosting service allows your website to be available on the internet, stored on a high-powered computer (web servers) with backups, so it is available to visitors 24/7.

    When I build you a website, your first year of hosting is included in the price quoted. Ongoing prices vary from £5 to £10 per month, dependent on size and popularity of website and are usually paid annually.

  • What is SEO or 'Search Engine Optimisation'?

    Search Engine Optimisation is the process of affecting the visibility of a website in a search engine’s (like Google) unpaid results. There are a lot of things to consider in SEO, but I always strive to improve your website’s interaction with both users and search engines. I understand current SEO best practices, and implement strategies to get your website on the right foot.

    I also offer a service to build pages that are specifically optimised for search engines, at a cost of £25 per page. For best results, I optimise each page for a single 2-5 word phrase. If you wish to target multiple geographic areas, I recommend one page per area.

  • What is 'Mobile Responsive / Mobile-Friendly' Design?

    When getting a quote for your website, one thing you can opt for is a ‘mobile-friendly’ design. This means that your site will display differently on the range of devices people use to view your site, often resizing itself to display correctly on mobile phones or tablets. As there are so many new devices coming onto the market, mobile-responsive websites take more work and effort to get them to display properly, including testing the website across different devices.

    You can opt for a mobile-friendly design for a surcharge of £150, which will ensure your website looks and works its best on the current, popular handsets and devices, such as iPhones, Android phones, iPads and other tablets, as well as looking beautiful on a desktop.

  • What if I want to change my website later, like add a shop, etc.?

    WordPress lets you easily extend your website. So, if you’d like an e-commerce shop or an events calendar, a booking system, or forum, it’s no problem. To get an idea of prices for extending your website, you can view my prices, or simply get in touch, and I’ll work out what you need, how long it will take, and will give you a fixed price.

  • What if I need ongoing support?

    In the first three months of your new website going live, I offer a warranty against defects, meaning if you have any issues, I fix them for free. If you are using your website and have a WordPress question, email me and I will answer it. After three months, any changes you need me to make, I charge an hourly rate of £25 pounds per hour.

    If your site needs updating regularly and you would like to use my ‘lifetime updates’ service, you send me your changes each month and I add them for you. You pay a discounted £30, which covers up to 2 hours work each month, and can include page changes, gallery updates, portfolio updates, blog posts, new products, and much more.

  • Can you train me in WordPress?

    I offer one hour of free training covering the basics, to get you to grips with your new WordPress website, and am available to help via phone or email for the occasional question.

    If you would like to train your staff, or need a more thorough, in-depth training session, I offer a half-day training session for up to four staff, for a surcharge of £100. This is recommended for websites with bespoke functionality, like an e-commerce shop, booking system, etc., as we won’t be able to cover everything you need to know in one hour. This includes preparation of training materials for your records.

    If you would like ongoing training or a more bespoke session, please get in touch, and I will cater your training to suit your needs, and charge an hourly rate of £25 per hour, including the preparation of materials.

  • What area do you cover?

    I have worked with clients all over Kent, London, and internationally. My web design company is based in Sandwich, Kent, so I prefer to work within East Kent first to serve our local businesses. However, enqueries from further afield are welcome. We don’t have to meet face-to-face. I will work with anyone via email, Facetime, Skype or other means.

  • So... Texas, huh?

    That’s not really a question, but is a conversation starter I often get asked. I’m from Nacogdoches (pronounced ‘naca-dochez’), the oldest town in Texas. I’ve been in the UK since 2000. My husband and son are British, and we live in Sandwich, Kent, with two enormous Maine Coon cats and a pair of cherry-head redfoot tortoises. We love living in Sandwich and I am excited to serve my local community.